Cremation Memorial Options

Exclusive Memorial

For those who are looking for something extra special that can be personalised to suit specific requirements, Springvale Botanical Cemetery has a range of exclusive memorial packages to cater for a family, couple or individual.

Garden Setting

A beautiful Garden Setting location can be established for those who are looking for a 'living' botanical memorial. You are able to choose a location within rose, shrub or tree settings.

Niche Position

Set within landscaped gardens, Niche Positions provide totally sealed locations to securely house ashes. Personalised memorial plaques mark each location.

Feng Shui Cremation

Feng Shui Cremation Memorials are within special areas that have been designed according to feng shui principles. A range of options are available to suit varying needs.

Take Home Options

For those who prefer to keep their loved one’s ashes in their safekeeping, we also provide a number of personal cremation memorials options.