Graves, Crypts and Cremation

Whether you choose a grave, crypt or cremation, Springvale Botanical Cemetery offers many beautiful ways to honour and celebrate life.

Burial Options

Recognising the needs of our diverse communities, we offer a broad range of in-ground burial options in a variety of established garden settings and in specific cultural and religious locations.

Cremation Memorial Options

Springvale Botanical Cemetery has a wide variety of cremation memorial options in beautifully landscaped grounds. You may choose a garden setting, a special tree, shrub or rock, a garden seat, wall niche or a place in our Books of Remembrance. Single, double and multiple plaque options are available.

Mausolea Options

Due to overwhelming community demand, Springvale Botanical Cemetery proposes to build a unique, new mausoleum. Click here to find out more and register your interest prior to public release.

Buddhist Funerals

Springvale Botanical Cemetery’s Feng Shui designed Song He Yuan is a dedicated Buddhist cemetery catering for Asian burials and interment of cremated remains.