Special places at Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Diverse and highly landscaped, Springvale Botanical Cemetery has many very special places in which to honour and celebrate life. These range from distinctive garden settings with striking water features to areas specifically dedicated to community, cultural and religious groups.

The Children’s Lawn Cemetery

A very special resting place, dedicated to children, Springvale Botanical Cemetery’s Children’s Lawn is colourful and vibrant and offers unique ornamentation of the memorials.

After considerable thought and planning, a special Children’s Recreational Playground was added in 2013 and balloon installation sculptures in 2014.

Specifically designed to ensure that it complements this special area, the purpose of these additions are to provide children with a focal point after they have paid their respects. With younger children safely occupied, it is hoped that parents and other family members have additional time to reflect and remember.

Song He Yuan - Buddhist Cemetery

A very special area dedicated to the Asian style of burial, Song He Yuan has been designed in accordance with Feng Shui principles and features the magnificent Di Zhang Wang Temple.

Each year in April, Springvale Botanical Cemetery hosts Ching Ming, the official Spring Offering Ceremony.

Jewish areas and the Jewish Children’s Lawn

Embracing all cultures and religions, Springvale Botanical Cemetery provides dedicated areas to honour the Jewish Community.

Police Memorial

Springvale Botanical Cemetery’s unique Police Memorial honours members of the police force and their families.

Each year in September, Springvale Botanical Cemetery hosts the official close of National Police Remembrance Day. All are welcome to this moving ceremony.

The Australian War Graves area

Honouring servicemen and servicewomen, we are proud that the touching and beautiful Australian War Graves is set within our grounds.